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How To: Using Drupal's ImageCache module

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When you're seeking a solution to consistently sized images for your Drupal site, you'll eventually end up finding your way to ImageCache. Acquia Drupal includes the module as part of its default install, which speaks to the utility of this powerful module.

The problem, however, is getting your head around how it works and integrating it into your site. In this video, I showcase the start of my own implementation of using ImageCache. This means I cover, from start to finish, the setup and integration of ImageCache and its supporting modules.

There are many more things you can do with ImageCache and it's the "go to" module for making your social media site look like all the others. If you don't want to be stuck with a "One [image] size fits all" then look no further than ImageCache!

Video Note: In this ImageCache tutorial I mention the ImageCache module is performing the actions listed with the module. In actuality, the image actions are performed by ImageAPI and it's ImageCache which manages the variations - just a minor technical note which doesn't impact the video's content, but worth knowing.

Lullabot, a long standing provider of great Drupal resources has an article about ImageCache. It may contain useful code within the comments area.

I haven't been able to get any of the videos to play. Please make them available for subscription via RSS feed & Miro.

What are you using to record your video and then how are you playinfthem back through drupal? Have you added a mod to drupal to play video? Currently we are putting them on youtube and then using the youtube embbed code, but the quality is supect... you videos are really great quality so I assume they are hosted on your hosting service and then streamed through some mod...


You can find that right here

I did a quick write up about the tools and process I used. I will certainly be shooting a video about this in the future - although, I don't know when.

Thanks for asking.

I'm on the latest version of Firefox, Quicktime, Flash and everything else you can imagine and I can't see the embedded videos. A download link and a podcast feed would be incredibly helpful.

I too cannot get them to play, just perpetually loads and a blank space where the player is?

for those who can't view the video, use this link :

Excellent tutorial! Very thorough.
Tip: ImageField, ImageCache and Lightbox2 play very nice when you combine them!


I have been wrestling with Imagecache for several days and was very fortunate to stumble across this tutorial. You certainly helped fill in the blanks for me. I am especially grateful for your in-depth approach to the topic. (Don't worry about being long-winded, we can always fast-forward if necessary.)

You explanation regarding tokens and storing of uploaded images was great. I was concerned about the fact that all uploads were dumped in the same folder. Now I'll see to it that they will be stored under each userid.

Loved your intro to theming. Couldn't get my mind wrapped totally around it during the first viewing. I'm sure I'll be replaying it several times. Are you planning on doing more videos in it?

Thanks for this great resource.


Nice and complete tutorial. I love it!