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Drupal Admin: Drupal Masquerade Module

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Building a Drupal web site certainly can take a bit of time, especially when you've got a large number of users, roles and permissions. It's also very frustrating when users write in to say your web site is not working properly.

The Drupal Masquerade module is an excellent tool for testing all kinds of settings within your Drupal site. The module allows you to easily switch between any other user and limit this capability to a group of users covered by a certain role. The catch, however, is to be certain you know what is happening with each role and user who has access to the powerful module.

With one wrong setting, you can provide access to your whole Drupal site as if that person was the super user.

In this video, I walk through the various settings and the process of testing the Drupal Masquerade module in order to facilitate faster site testing and also use it for support purposes.

If part of what you do is act as a Drupal administrator or someone in charge of building the Drupal site then make sure to watch this Drupal tutorial video about the Drupal Masquerade module.

Thanks for the post. Definitely I will install this module on (some of) my sites, and I hope it's the best one of its kind.

Be aware that the masquerade has a nasty side effect of starting sessions for every user on your site, which renders most caching useless. There are patches to prevent this -

I was wondering why one of my sites using it felt a bit slower. I thought it was a memory/apc issue. I'll have to look into this.