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When most people consider Drupal hosting, they're looking for a reliable host they hope isn't going to shut down over night. It's typically your larger run-of-the-mill hosting provider running an install script that will simply load a basic Drupal install.

For myself, I've always opted to manage my own hosting. This meant taking care of setting up, securing and optimizing either a dedicated server box or the current trend of using a VPS (virtual private server) which uses virtualization technology to fully leverage all the resources of a really beefy server.

Recenly, however, while spending a fair amount of time becoming familiar with the Varnish reverse proxy server (which is very nice by the way), I decided I was spending too much time with my own "Drupal hosting". I wanted to create more videos and more valuable content - I enjoy doing it.

There are a good number of smart people and companies in the world of Drupal, many of them providing high quality services to some really BIG companies. My search for a Drupal hosting company was personally based out of frustration. While researching, I found a number of links about the latest "hot new web server" call nginx. I was intrigued.

My search brought me to a number of posts on by user Omega8cc. For every post I came across, it was evident that Omega8 was doing everything possible to be helpful.

This caused me to click on Omega8's signature, which took me to their home page for Drupal hosting. Based on my current level of frustration with having accidentally messed up network settings on a server box while adding a new IP (never lock yourself out of your own server if you can avoid it!), I contacted Omega8 and asked to test out their services.

Long story short, I couldn't be happier. Watch the video to get a real sense of why I'm so impressed with this Drupal hosting company. They exist in the world of Drupal so you know they're doing everything they can to make Drupal perform like it should.

And this is only the start of it. Wait until I make some videos about using Aegir and being able to quickly, and easily, create any number of Drupal sites your heart desires!

Great video. Performance optimization has been one of my latest interests, at least in the non-varnish / non-pantheon realm. I had come across omega8 before in my hosting searches so it is great to hear positive feedback about them.

This is probably more of a question for omega8, however have you come across any limitations with using their setup? For example. are there any modules you cannot use?

Therefore there are no known limitations besides those inherited from Pressflow, which doesn't use anonymous cookies. Known compatibility issues are listed here:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing with us your insights on Omega8's VPS service. This really helped reduce the itch on whether to consider their hosting service for medium/large-scale Drupal deployments. This vid will surely help a lot of folks dig into the dev-staging-live conundrum, esp. server selection.

Clients or site-owners don't realize the value of good & high-performing web-hosts until it's too late (and consider to migrate). Sad to day but most clients assume that developers (in general) understand the world of site-performance optimization (which is another service by itself).

Thankfully, there are hosting solutions that give us the flexibility of performance, price, and value of service.

I wish I had the budget to play with OmegaCC. But for the time-being I'll just hunger for more of your videos.


I have been struggling with performance for the past two weeks, looking at alternative hosting, tinkering with various caching modules and technologies... it's not easy.

I just ordered a year's service from Omega8- looking forward to better performance! Thanks, Matt

Make sure to use the discount code mentioned towards the end of the video, it will get you 25% off - WHICH IS A GREAT DEAL!

Having dealt with optimizing for performance myself, it can be a costly time consumer. I'm grateful that a company like Omega8 is taking that part of the workload off my plate now!

Argh... I missed the discount. That would have helped tremendously.

FWIW, it's not the simplest thing to wrap your head around... you have to host your email and DNS elsewhere and I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate to find where my stuff actually lives... I imagine setting up a site from scratch might be easier than migrating but it is taking a while to figure out how it all works together.

We will issue a partial refund on your order for Aegir hosting, to give you the 25% discount.

I am very impressed. Thanks so much!

I have been consulting a few clients lately about the various hosting options that are available and what play well with Drupal. I have been unaware of this service until now.

Thanks for the great videos and the solid continuing education!

The Aegir Mini VPS solution from Omega8 does not have SSH access, which means we can't use Drush. But I heard they might be putting it out in the future.

What about php.ini configuration? Can we change it? If not, what is the max memory size etc. we can use?

Thank you for this video Matt, and this seems like a great solution. I am right at the point of purchasing.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the video. I am itching to transfer all my sites to Omega8. Were there any issues when you transfered your site using MySQL DB to MariaDB. Can U please do a Howto on migrating a site using MySQL to Omega8's Maria DB.

I also need to setup up a new site that will use Organic Groups and Messaging/Notifications framework, I am assuming there are no issues with such a setup on Omega8

When I moved the GotDrupal site (which is actually a very simple site) the migration was done by Omega8. I had read about their use of Maria and went to the Maria DB site to check things out. From what I found there. The migration is a non-issue as you're only acquiring new features.

Omega took care of the import for me and knocked it out within a half a day to be up and running.

I've personally not used OG yet, but I have used Messaging/Notifications. For the later, this again, is one of the great things about Omega. They've got the outbound mail setup so it just works. If you've ever managed your own server and you've messed with Postfix, Exim or Qmail (my preferred choice) then setting up mail can be a big hassle.

For what these guys are offering, and more importantly (what they technically know) this is a great deal. I'm a full month into the transition and things are working like clockwork! Very pleased.

is it worth it to buy managed aegir hosting versus hosting aegir on your own server? I have programming experience, but not so much network/configuring. I was wondering if it's very hard to host your own or you're better off paying a monthly fee.