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How To: Use Drupal email to send notifications to users

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Twitter's great. SMS messaging is great. Even Instant Messaging is great.

But, there's one thing which ties everyone together online. It's not going away soon, and it's something that pretty much everyone has. If you guessed email (the title of the article was a give away, wasn't it?), then you're absolutely right. Just try to imagine a world without email - even with killer audio/voice technology, it just wouldn't be as refined without email.

So, if you're seeking a solution to have Drupal email your users, then one of the best methods for doing this is the Messaging and Notifications modules. You won't find one specific Drupal email module on because sending email is already built into Drupal. It's they way, and when email, or any other message method is used, that you need to focus on.

Sending out a message via any of the above mentioned methods, plus a Drupal email is easily accomplished with these modules.

It's easy, because they offer all the methods plus more. One of my own recent requirements was having Drupal email all users of a given role for one specific content type, and then also support email notifications to admin users in another role.

If this is the type of solution you're seeking for your Drupal site then this video may have what you're looking for.

Messaging [issues] - [usage]

Notifications [issues] - [usage]

I did like the article really much, was really informative and the best part was that only the required part was elaborated, to the point concise information always helps and keeps readers running around digging for the information’s will never require a reread. I really wish spammers read these articles and check how easy it is to be human and respect knowledge.
thank fo share

I would like to know the whole functionality. When I add, edit, delete the content where I can get the notifications? Elaborate me the full functional flow.

Matt -
Thanks very much for taking the time to make this video. A very interesting subject that most Drupal users will need information on. As always, your explainations were super concise and right on the money. Loved your conversational style of delivery. Very thorough and, yes, inspiring! Thanks again.

Thanks for making this video!

I however didn't hear or understand the part about actually sending the email.

I have drupal 5 and both these modules installed. I was thinking that there would be a new "content type" or something to create new content.
So basically how do I create the first email to send to my users with a particular role?

Thanks, Sam

Hi Matt,

Fould your article very informative. Thanks for posting it.
I am looking for some way to integrate messaging framework with private messaging i.e. when a private message has been sent, recipient should have default notification settings so that notification can be sent to desired sent method (sms, twitter or mail).

Can you please pointers on this issue.