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How To: Edit a Drupal Blog via Blog API using blogging software

Whether you're an avid blogger or you simply make the occasional post, there's just something uncomfortable about editing long posts and working with pictures when you're in a web browser. If you've heard of Ecto (mac), MarsEdit (mac), ScribeFire (firefox) or any of the other popular desktop blogging clients, then chances are you'll want to use one of those tools to access and edit your Drupal blog.

Here's where the gotcha shows up. Getting things set up right!

While I love what Drupal can do, it's lacking in the area of "Where's my 'use blogging software' checkbox?". I came across this issue the other day when messing around on my personal domain. I wanted to setup Blog API and get started making some posts. On top of that, I wanted the easiest way possible to get multiple pictures into a post. Using a blogging client is the best way (read easiest) to do that - as far as I know.

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